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Photo Contest: Win a Mini Survival Kit!

Things have been moving along wonderfully here at ITS, and we’d like to announce our second giveaway! This contest is… View Article

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Soft Body Armor Test

We’ve been following the writings by Dr. Gary K. Roberts on body armor testing with great admiration. His independent analysis… View Article

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Survival Myths

Neil Strauss, who wrote the book Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life has published a list of the top… View Article

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Knot of the Week: Rope Coil

Next up on our Knot of the Week climbing mini-series is learning how to coil a rope for storage or… View Article

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Memorial Day

Everyone here at ITS Tactical would like to thank each and every one of the members and Veterans of our… View Article

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BGAN Global Satellite Internet

While Wi-Fi is a blessing if you can find it and Laptop Broadband Cards are usually a joke, what do… View Article

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Witness Marks

Witness marks are used to mark the alignment of optics to give you a quick visual reference of where they… View Article

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Knot of the Week: Threaded Figure-Eight

Continuing on our Knot of the Week climbing mini-series, we introduce the Threaded Figure-Eight. Rather than just simply teach the… View Article

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Lock Pick Types

One of the things that’s sometimes hard to understand in Lock Picking is which pick to use.  Many picks look… View Article

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Bump Keys

Not long ago we purchased a set of Bump Keys from, which are an excellent alternative to filing down… View Article

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