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We’re Off To Compare Camouflage

We’ll be out of comms this weekend as we head up to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma for a Camouflage… View Article

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215 Gear Enhanced Rigger’s Belt

A few months back we brought you a comprehensive review of the 215 Gear Ultimate Rigger’s Belt. Today we’ll be… View Article

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Planet Terror Becomes A Reality

We’re not sure if any of our readers have seen the movie Planet Terror, but in the flick, Rose McGowan… View Article

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Shorten Your Rope for Tangle Resistant Storage

Our Knot of the Week continues this week with the Chain Sinnet. Often called the Daisy Chain or Chain Plait,… View Article

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

Today marks the 68th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Take today to remember those 2,000 who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and… View Article

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12 Things You Need In Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

With winter already upon us, it’s time that we all evaluate just what we have in our vehicles, and if… View Article

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ITS ETA Kit Feedback

We’d like to get your feedback on what you think of our ITS Tactical ETA Kits. We’ve sold quite a… View Article

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So, You Want to Sew…

As I’m sure ITS readers understand, having the right gear for the mission is absolutely critical. The problem is, sometimes… View Article

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Intro to Diving

There’s a sport, both recreational and professional, that goes unnoticed by many people every day. When a plane goes down… View Article

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Marching Cadence and Speed

I have always liked fun trivia and details everyone else likes to skip over. One of those little items I… View Article

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