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Back from the Big Bend Camo Comparison

Just a quick update on what we’ve been up to for the last few days. I headed out to Big… View Article

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Target Detection and Identification

To detect objects the human visual system looks for object signatures which differentiates it from the background. The term visual… View Article

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We’re off to the Next Camo Comparison!

Today we’re officially leaving for our next Camo Comparison! We had to reschedule from the first announcement due to logistics,… View Article

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New Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet – Wide

We’ve been hearing about the new SOF Tactical Tourniquet – Wide for some time now, and just realized it’s now… View Article

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Mil-Spec Plastics Giveaway Winner!

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce the big winner in our Mil-Spec Plastics Cobra Cuffs Giveaway. Thank you… View Article

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Build Your Own Flag Pole Using Lashings

Continuing with our Lashings on the Knot of the Week, today we’ll be looking at the Round Lashing and discussing… View Article

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Fantastic Solution for your Chest Rig Waist Strap

If you guys happen to remember our review of the Mayflower R&C  Lo-Pro Armor Package, you’ll hopefully also remember that… View Article

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Buying Cheap Gear: Killing Yourself and the American-based Tactical Product Revolution

You get a call on your phone and it’s Fate, you pick up: “Hey friend, this is Fate, just wanted… View Article

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Corps Strength Fitness Program: Initial Review

I recently received a fitness book called Corps Strength from former U.S. Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Paul Roarke, who had… View Article

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A Definitive On-The-Go Resource for State Firearm Laws

We talk about concealed carry quite a bit here on ITS Tactical and are all strong believers in the right… View Article

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