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The Annihilator: The Rise and Fall of the Thompson Submachine Gun

The Thompson submachine gun is a weapon so iconic that it’s known most often by the many nicknames it gathered, rather… View Article

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Honoring Extraordinary Heroism: Postal Service Introduces Stamps Featuring Service Cross Medals this Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, the U.S. Postal Service will honor military service members who have been awarded one of the four Service… View Article

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National Medal of Honor Day 2013: 150 Years Ago Today

March 25 is officially National Medal of Honor Day, set up to recognize the first date the medals were presented… View Article

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SSG Giunta Presented with first Living Medal of Honor since Vietnam

We hope that everyone got a chance to see Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta being presented with the Medal of Honor… View Article

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Staff Sgt. Robert J. Miller Posthumously Awarded the Medal of Honor Today

President Obama will posthumously award the Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt. Robert J. Miller today, for “exceptionally valorous conduct”… View Article

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