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Knot of the Week: Rigging a Tarp Shelter, Part 3

Today we’ll wrap up the last part in our Knot of the Week mini-series on rigging a tarp shelter. I… View Article

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Free Gear for Those Fighting the Good Fight *Update*

*Update* Thanks everyone for sending in your comments and emails. Unfortunately, all of the gear has been spoken for. Thanks… View Article

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Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman: Bulletproof Mind

It’s safe to call Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman a legend in the military and law enforcement community. Col. Grossman is… View Article

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Last Chance for M855 Design Shirts!

We’ve recently received an update from our friend Wes Helm of M855 Design, that he’ll be shutting down operations for… View Article

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Important News about Our Store

The  ITS Store is back online after our recent timeout to catch up on orders and solidify our brand new… View Article

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The Pros and Cons of MREs

We’ve received numerous questions in the past pertaining to MREs (Meal Ready to Eat), namely what commercial MREs are the… View Article

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How to Make a Paperclip Lock Pick that Works

Today we’re going to show you how to create a Lock Pick Rake and Tension Wrench using two simple paperclips… View Article

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Hong Kong Producing Fake CAT Tourniquets

Just received an alarming tip from a reader, alerting us to a knockoff CAT Tourniquet being produced by a Hong… View Article

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ITS 1st Anniversary Party Details

We’ve finalized the details for the 1st Anniversary ITS Tactical Party and we’ll be bumping our original date to July… View Article

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Patagonia MARS Clearance at Diamondback Tactical

Just a quick heads up that Diamondback Tactical is running a clearance sale on their remaining stock of MARS clothing… View Article

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