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Knot of the Week: Rigging a Tarp Shelter, Part 2

When we left off last week with part one, I’d gone through setting up the necessary trunk line to hang… View Article

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Infosec and Encryption to Protect Your Secrets

Everybody has secrets and things worth protecting. It could be your family photos, your saved browser passwords, your bank records,… View Article

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Plank Owner Roundtable Meeting in 1 Hour

Just a quick update to Plank Owners that the Plank Owner Update link is now updated with the password to… View Article

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Plank Owner Update

We’ve recently emailed out an update to all Plank Owners on how to claim your Free Plank Owner T-Shirt and… View Article

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Hatch XTAK Knee Pads

I was first introduced to the Hatch XTAK knee pads about two years ago when a Hatch representative gave a… View Article

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Third Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty!

A fitting ending to the ridiculous trials of three of our nation’s warriors. SO2 Matthew McCabe was found not guilty… View Article

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Knot of the Week: Rigging a Tarp Shelter, Part 1

I’d like to introduce a small mini-series on our Knot of the Week, where I’ll be running through the steps… View Article

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Border Book: The Tactical Spanish Command Field Guide

If you’re like me, your Spanish is terrible, despite two years in High School and four semesters in College. Yes,… View Article

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Longest Sniper Shot Record Broken!

British Super Sniper Craig Harrison has uprooted the Canadians for the longest sniper shot on record, 1.54 miles! Not only… View Article

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SEAL Support Rally in Ft. Worth, TX

I just got back from the SEAL Support Rally in Fort Worth, TX and while I’d hoped to see more… View Article

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